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Mobile Websites For Business

Welcome to Mobile Websites for Business.
We create business websites for mobile phones


“This next phase of our evolution is not just about giving us a new identity, it’s about encouraging existing and potential new customers to see us for what we are today – an innovative industry leader” – British Gas, December 2012


Mobile phone websites are IMPERATIVE for all forward-thinking businesses today.


By 2013, more websites will accessed by Mobile Phones than traditional PCs.


If your customers can’t find you via their phone, you’ll lose thousands to your competitors…
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Mobile Websites For Business


Unique, and upcoming topical items in  mobile marketing

 Mobile websites are totally different from traditional websites, and virtually every executive is now extremely loyal to their smart phone… they won’t take their laptop to lunch, but they’ll never leave their phone behind!

EVERY business, simply MUST have a MOBILE website in 2012

Note our website here looks totally different if viewed from a mobile phone.

 SMS marketing… only 3% of emails are opened within an hour, compared to 97% of text messages



We can help with all of your Mobile Marketing Strategy, including the extremely popular and topical QR codes;

QR codes for mobile marketing!
(even the UK government are now using these on their adverts).

Here is a great example for the London 2012 Olympics;  (This site also looks totally different when viewed via a smart phone)
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Eight million people in the UK access the Internet from their smartphone every day.* There are 23 million smartphones in the UK – almost 50% of all mobile phones. Does your business have a mobile friendly site? If not – or if you’re not sure – you’ve come to the right place to get started.

*Source: comScore, September 2011




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